1. Lucy Verasamy (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 5.00)

      After graduation Lucy Verasamy worked at the Press Association's weather centre for four years as a forecaster, writing forecasts for newspapers and scripts for radio. Having previous...click for more

  2. Kylie Pentelow (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Kylie Pentelow was educated at the Sir Christopher Hatton School in Wellingborough, after graduating from the University of Sheffield with an MA in journalism, her first post was as a...click for more

    Kylie Pentelow
  3. Mollie King (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Mollie is best known as one-fifth of leading girl group, The Saturdays. The multi-platinum selling band have sold over 5 million records worldwide, scored 13 Top 10 singles and 5 Top 10...click for more

    Mollie King
  4. Elizabeth Glinka (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Elizabeth Glinka began her BBC career at Pebble Mill as researcher on Radio 4's Farming Today in 2003. Elizabeth grew up and went to school in Stafford before studying politics at the...click for more

    Elizabeth Glinka
  5. Katie Derham (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Katie Derham began her broadcasting career at the BBC, starting as a researcher on Radio 4's Money Box. In 1995 she won the Bradford & Bingley "Best Personal Finance Broadcaster A...click for more

    Katie Derham
  6. Jacqui Oatley (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Jacqui Oatley, MBE is a British sports presenter, hosting mostly for ITV Sport and BBC Sport. She is best known for being the first female commentator on BBC One's Match of the Day, w...click for more

    Jacqui Oatley
  7. Janine Jansen (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Janine often presents the early and lunchtime bulletins for Spotlight. She's also one of the new breed of presenters who can film, edit and present their own features for the prog...click for more

    Janine Jansen
  8. Amanda Holden (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00) [ratings   Amanda Holden's first television appearance was as a contestant on game show Blind Date in 1991. From 2006 to 2008, Amanda Holden appeared as Sarah Trevanian in three series of ...click for more

    Amanda Holden
  9. Claudia Winkleman (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Between 2002 - 04, Claudia Winkleman began her first daily TV role when she hosted the BBC Three Entertainment update show Liquid News, taking over from Christopher Price on the now d...click for more

    Claudia Winkleman
  10. Alice Levine (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      On 7 January 2013, Alice Levine joined BBC Radio 1 to present a show with Phil Taggart. The show aired from 10pm until midnight on Mondays to Thursdays. She also presents the weekend ...click for more

    Alice Levine
  11. Liz Bonnin (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Liz Bonnin was born in France to a French father and Trinidadian mother of Indian Portuguese descent, and moved to Ireland when she was nine years old. She was especially interested i...click for more

    Liz Bonnin
  12. Clare Nasir (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      After university studies, Clare Nasir joined the Met Office, training to become a qualified weather forecaster. Two years later, Clare Nasir joined the Met Office's London Weather Ce...click for more

  13. Holly Willoughby (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      In November 2006, Holly Willoughby's hard work in children's television was recognised when she won the Children's BAFTA award for Best Presenter. January 2007 saw Holly Willoughby r...click for more

    Holly Willoughby
  14. Lee McKenzie (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Lee McKenzie has presented for ITV, and also launched the horse racing channel At the Races. McKenzie has also presented Lookaround for Border Television, and covered many high profil...click for more

    Lee McKenzie
  15. Mary Nightingale (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Mary Nightingale is one of the UK's best known broadcasters, and has been part of the ITV News presenting team since 2000. She has twice been named Newscaster of the Year by TRIC. Du...click for more

    Mary Nightingale
  16. Felicity Barr (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Radio Felicity Barr trained as a journalist at 2-Ten FM, before she specialised in sports reporting, covering events in sport since 1994 when she worked as a freelance journalist. Tel...click for more

    Felicity Barr
  17. Zoe Salmon (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      One of Zoe Salmon's earliest roles was a quick appearance as the original bearer of the Ruby Slippers in a little known re-telling of the Wizard of Oz made for Channel Five in 1995. S...click for more

    Zoe Salmon
  18. Steph McGovern (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Steph McGovern started at the BBC doing work experience on the Tomorrow's World programme, before securing part-time employment as a researcher in current affairs. Steph McGovern went...click for more

    Steph McGovern
  19. Lara Lewington (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Lara Lewington began her career in television working as a presenter whilst taking her degree. She first gained television recognition when working at UK auction shopping channel bid-...click for more

  20. Mary Rhodes (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Before coming to News 24 Mary Rhodes was a freelancer, working across the BBC's Radio stations. Her favourite sport is tennis and her break in sports reporting/presenting came when sh...click for more

    Mary Rhodes
  21. Suzi Perry (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Suzi Perry is mainly known as a motor sports correspondent, reporting on motorbike racing for BBC News as well as presenting other sports-related programmes, including Wimbledon, the ...click for more

    Suzi Perry
  22. Kirsty Young (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

    Kirsty Young was born in East Kilbride. Her media career began in 1989 when she worked as a continuity announcer for BBC Radio Scotland. In 1992 she moved to Scottish Television where she prese...click for more

    Kirsty Young
  23. Louise Lear (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Louise Lear was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. She graduated from Middlesex University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and Drama, where she studied the cl...click for more

    Louise Lear
  24. Amy Cole (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Amy Cole can be seen reading some of the breakfast and lunchtime bulletins, and she's also Spotlight's reporter in North Devon. Amy was born in Mumbai and as a baby she was adopted a...click for more

    Amy Cole