1. Lucy Verasamy (Votes: 4, Average Rating: 5.00)

      After graduation Lucy Verasamy worked at the Press Association's weather centre for four years as a forecaster, writing forecasts for newspapers and scripts for radio. Having previous...click for more

  2. Kat Shoob (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Born in Essex but raised in Shropshire, Kat Shoob began her presenting career keeping the students and insomniacs company while presenting The Mint for ITV1, ITV Play's flagship show,...click for more

    Kat Shoob
  3. Eilidh Barbour (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Eilidh Barbour is a sport presenter for BBC News, Eilidh Barbour begun presenting the sports news on BBC News Channel in September 2014. Originally from Dunkeld in Perthshire, Eilid...click for more

    Eilidh Barbour
  4. Fiona Phillips (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Television Fiona Phillips has presented other programmes, including as the celebrity lifestyle show OK!TV, Baby House and Room to Rent, Carlton's entertainment guide Good Stuff, LWT's ...click for more

    Fiona Phillips
  5. Nicki Chapman (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Nicki Chapman rose to fame as a judge on the ITV television series Popstars and Pop Idol, together with Nigel Lythgoe and Paul Adam (on Popstars), Simon Cowell, Pete Waterman and Dr F...click for more

    Nicki Chapman
  6. Kate Kinsella (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Kate Kinsella joined BBC London, then called GLR in 1999, and cut her teeth reporting on various local BBC radio stations under the umbrella of AA Roadwatch. You'll recognise Kate Ki...click for more

    Kate Kinsella
  7. Nigella Lawson (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Nigella Lawson was featured as one of the three judges on a special battle of Iron Chef America, titled "The Super Chef Battle", which pitted White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comer...click for more

    Nigella Lawson
  8. Jacqui Oatley (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Jacqui Oatley, MBE is a British sports presenter, hosting mostly for ITV Sport and BBC Sport. She is best known for being the first female commentator on BBC One's Match of the Day, w...click for more

    Jacqui Oatley
  9. Laura Hamilton (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Laura Hamilton's first break in front of the camera came as 'Melody' in the popular pre-school show Fun Song Factory for CITV, which she played for two and a half years until the show...click for more

    Laura Hamilton
  10. Kate Quilton (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Whilst at university, Kate Quilton undertook a student equivalent of Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me, she ate kebabs for one week: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The stunt was picked up...click for more

    Kate Quilton
  11. Emma Crosby (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      After graduation Emma Crosby joined the BBC becoming a producer on its rolling news channel, BBC News 24. Moving on from there, she worked for News Direct 97.3 and LBC before joining ...click for more

    Emma Crosby
  12. Emma Bunton (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Television In October 2008, Emma Bunton appeared on the UK series of The X Factor to assist judge Dannii Minogue in choosing the three best over-25s acts to take through to the live sh...click for more

    Emma Bunton
  13. Hayley McQueen (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Hayley McQueen began her television career working as a runner and production assistant for Richard and Judy before joining the television channel of Middlesbrough's Boro TV as a repo...click for more

    Hayley Mcqueen
  14. Louisa Preston (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Louisa Preston became one of the youngest national newsreaders when ITN took her on as a reporter and presenter on Five News. Now she's a regular face on BBC London and Breakfast, L...click for more

    Louisa Preston
  15. Alice Levine (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      On 7 January 2013, Alice Levine joined BBC Radio 1 to present a show with Phil Taggart. The show aired from 10pm until midnight on Mondays to Thursdays. She also presents the weekend ...click for more

    Alice Levine
  16. Clare Nasir (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      After university studies, Clare Nasir joined the Met Office, training to become a qualified weather forecaster. Two years later, Clare Nasir joined the Met Office's London Weather Ce...click for more

  17. Rebecca Wood (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Rebecca Wood has always wanted to work in the media particularly as a weather presenter, and after completing an degree at Queen Mary's in London, came home to do a Masters degree in ...click for more

  18. Lucy Kite Holleron (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Lucy Kite graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 1998 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. In January 2002, she became a news presenter and producer on Central Tonight for I...click for more

    Lucy Kite
  19. Vicky Gomersall (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Vicky Gomersall was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire on 31 December, 1971. She attended Cheltenham Bournside School, and Kingston University London where she gained her degree in E...click for more

    Vicky Gomersall
  20. Julie Reinger (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Born in Oxfordshire in 1974, Julie studied Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent University before joining BBC Radio Nottingham as a newsroom assistant in 1992. During this time...click for more

    Julie Reinger
  21. Kylie Pentelow (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Kylie Pentelow was educated at the Sir Christopher Hatton School in Wellingborough, after graduating from the University of Sheffield with an MA in journalism, her first post was as a...click for more

    Kylie Pentelow
  22. Sameena Ali-Khan (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Sameena Ali-Khan began working in commercial radio in Manchester in 1991 and got my first break working for BBC Radio Lancashire as a travel reporter. I then moved into presenting sho...click for more

    Sameena Ali-Khan
  23. Ellie Taylor (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Ellie Taylor is an English comedian. She has presented Snog Marry Avoid? on BBC Three, appeared on the ITV2 show Fake Reaction and the ITV reality show "Show Me the Funny". Ellie T...click for more

    Ellie Taylor
  24. Nuala McGovern (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Nuala McGovern is an Irish journalist and broadcaster working for BBC News. Nuala McGovern is the main presenter of Outside Source on BBC World Service radio. Before joining the BBC,...click for more

    Nuala McGovern
  25. Elizabeth Glinka (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Elizabeth Glinka began her BBC career at Pebble Mill as researcher on Radio 4's Farming Today in 2003. Elizabeth grew up and went to school in Stafford before studying politics at the...click for more

    Elizabeth Glinka
  26. Gillian Joseph (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Gillian Joseph originally worked for the BBC in Manchester, as well as working as a radio reporter for Radio Merseyside. Gillian worked for Newsbeat on BBC Radio 1 in 1994. In 1998, s...click for more

    Gillian Joseph
  27. Ranvir Singh (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Ranvir Singh joined BBC Radio Lancashire in 2002, initially on work experience before being given a six-month contract. She then moved to BBC GMR, covering the 2002 Commonwealth Games...click for more

    Ranvir Singh
  28. Victoria Hollins (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Victoria Hollins arrived in London after growing up in Belgium and the Netherlands. She "crossed the newsroom" to work in TV after five years as a reporter and newsreader at BBC Londo...click for more

    Victoria Hollins
  29. Laura Tobin (Votes: 3, Average Rating: 3.33)

      On graduation from University in 2003, Laura Tobin joined the Met Office. On completing her training, she was assigned in October 2004 to the Cardiff Weather Centre, where she gained ...click for more

    Laura Tobin
  30. Rachel Riley (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 3.00)

      In January 2009, Rachel Riley replaced Carol Vorderman as the co-host of Countdown doing the letters and numbers selection and mathematics solutions. She hosts the show alongside Nick...click for more

    Rachel Riley
  31. Susanna Reid (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Susanna Reid began her career at BBC Radio Bristol and then became a reporter for Radio 5 Live, as well as a producer. Susanna Reid then joined BBC News 24, where she spent two years ...click for more

    Susanna Reid
  32. Felicity Barr (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Radio Felicity Barr trained as a journalist at 2-Ten FM, before she specialised in sports reporting, covering events in sport since 1994 when she worked as a freelance journalist. Tel...click for more

    Felicity Barr
  33. Victoria Fritz (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Victoria Fritz is a TV journalist to BBC1 1pm, 6pm and 10pm news covering business & economics stories. Lead producer to the business editor Robert Peston, economics correspondent...click for more

    Victoria Fritz
  34. Jane Lewis (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 3.00)

    Jane Lewis joined Scotland Today in April 1999 after previous stints with BBC radio and Sky News. As a result of mass redundancies both in the newsroom and technical support division, Jane L...click for more

    Jane Lewis
  35. Emma Jesson (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Emma Jesson worked alongside her colleague Charlie Neil presenting the weather for the three Central sub-regions, in addition to the weather for the HTV Wales and HTV West regions dur...click for more

    Emma Jesson
  36. Zoe Ball (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Television Zoe Ball began her television career as a runner at Granada Television and researcher on BSkyB. She worked as a researcher for quiz shows for two years. Her presenting jobs ...click for more

    Zoe Ball
  37. Steff Gaulter (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Steff Gaulter graduated in Natural Science (Physics) from Cambridge University before joining the UK Met Office. There she trained in meteorology, becoming the first ever person to be...click for more

    Steff Gaulter
  38. Natalie Cornah (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Natalie Cornah was born in Newquay and loves the South West. She started her career at the Cornish Guardian newspaper in her hometown, where she got the journalism bug. From there she...click for more

    Natalie Cornah
  39. Janine Jansen (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Janine often presents the early and lunchtime bulletins for Spotlight. She's also one of the new breed of presenters who can film, edit and present their own features for the prog...click for more

    Janine Jansen
  40. Zoe Salmon (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 2.50)

      One of Zoe Salmon's earliest roles was a quick appearance as the original bearer of the Ruby Slippers in a little known re-telling of the Wizard of Oz made for Channel Five in 1995. S...click for more

    Zoe Salmon
  41. Angela Scanlon (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 1.00)

      Angela Scanlon was born in Ratoath, County Meath, Ireland. Her father worked in construction and her mother worked in administration. She has three sisters and attended school in Duns...click for more

  42. Natalie Sawyer (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 1.00)

      Natalie Sawyer was born to an English father, and a mother of Bulgarian descent. Natalie Sawyer graduated from Leeds Trinity University with a degree in History and Media. This also i...click for more

    Natalie Sawyer
  43. Keeley Donovan (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 1.00)

      Keeley Donovan started her broadcasting career at the age of 14, presenting for Channel 7 Television, a local cable TV station based in Immingham. Keeley Donovan went freelance while ...click for more

    Keeley Donovan
  44. Alex Hyndman Hill (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 1.00)

      Alex Hyndman Hill was born in Grantham but grew up in Australia where she was educated at St Aloysius College, Adelaide. She moved back to the UK and attended King Edward VII School (...click for more

  45. Jackie Kabler (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 1.00)

      Jackie Kabler is a television presenter, reporter and crime writer. Jackie Kabler spent more than nine years with GMTV as a news correspondent and presenter, during which she covered...click for more

    Jackie Kabler
  46. Melissa Nathoo (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 1.00)

      Having completed a degree in Broadcast Journalism at the Nottingham Trent University, Melissa Nathoo immediately got a job in radio at Kiss 105-108 in the East of England, reading the...click for more

    Melissa Nathoo
  47. Sarah Keith-Lucas (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 1.00)

      Sarah Keith-Lucas was born in Hastings, East Sussex in 1982. Sarah Keith Lucas is the daughter of Christopher Leslie Keith-Lucas (born 1949) and Claire Forrester. Her middle name come...click for more

    Sarah Keith Lucas