1. Anna Woolhouse (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Anna Woolhouse is an established broadcast journalist & presenter and can currently be seen on Sky Sports. After graduating from Leeds University with a BA Honors degree in Music ...click for more

    Anna Woolhouse
  2. Angela Scanlon (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Angela Scanlon was born in Ratoath, County Meath, Ireland. Her father worked in construction and her mother worked in administration. She has three sisters and attended school in Duns...click for more

  3. Samira Ahmed (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Samira Ahmed became a BBC news trainee in 1990. She was a BBC journalist until December 1997, working as a news correspondent, a reporter on Newsnight and the Today programme, and a p...click for more

    Samira Ahmed
  4. Wendy Hurrell (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      This feisty spirit attracted the attention of ITV Anglia who gave Wendy Hurrell a job as a production journalist. Behind the scenes she learned her trade - producing, writing and edit...click for more

  5. Dani Sinha (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Dani Sinha is a news anchor on BBC World News and presents BBC Business for the News Channel. She has covered big stories such as ISIS, Ukraine/Crimea, MH370, Syria and the Gaza confl...click for more

    Dani Sinha
  6. Alexa Chung (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      In April 2006, the then-model Alexa Chung was offered the job of co-host on Popworld on Channel 4, a music show known for its irreverent and awkward style of interviews. Alexa Chung a...click for more

    Alexa Chung
  7. Nigella Lawson (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Nigella Lawson was featured as one of the three judges on a special battle of Iron Chef America, titled "The Super Chef Battle", which pitted White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comer...click for more

    Nigella Lawson
  8. Emily Maitlis (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Emily Maitlis is now one of the main presenters of Newsnight on BBC Two, with Evan Davis, Kirsty Wark and Laura Kuenssberg. She also presents relief shifts on the BBC News channel, in...click for more

    Emily Maitlis
  9. Olivia Wayne (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Olivia Wayne works as a sports news host at Sky Sports. She was born in the year 1986, in the city of London, in England. She is 30 years old and she got married to Zeb Wayne who work...click for more

    Olivia Wayne
  10. Lucy Verasamy (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      After graduation Lucy Verasamy worked at the Press Association's weather centre for four years as a forecaster, writing forecasts for newspapers and scripts for radio. Having previous...click for more

  11. Janine Jansen (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Janine often presents the early and lunchtime bulletins for Spotlight. She's also one of the new breed of presenters who can film, edit and present their own features for the prog...click for more

    Janine Jansen
  12. Emma Jesson (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Emma Jesson worked alongside her colleague Charlie Neil presenting the weather for the three Central sub-regions, in addition to the weather for the HTV Wales and HTV West regions dur...click for more

    Emma Jesson
  13. Victoria Fritz (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Victoria Fritz is a TV journalist to BBC1 1pm, 6pm and 10pm news covering business & economics stories. Lead producer to the business editor Robert Peston, economics correspondent...click for more

    Victoria Fritz
  14. Nazaneen Ghaffar (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Upon graduating in 2006, Nazaneen Ghaffar's first television industry job was for Endemol in Bristol as a runner for the programme Deal or No Deal. After moving on to ITV West, her fi...click for more

    Nazaneen Ghaffar
  15. Suzi Perry (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Suzi Perry is mainly known as a motor sports correspondent, reporting on motorbike racing for BBC News as well as presenting other sports-related programmes, including Wimbledon, the ...click for more

    Suzi Perry
  16. Kate Garraway (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      In 1994, Kate Garraway joined the South edition of ITV News Central on ITV Central as a production journalist, reporter and news presenter. In 1996, she became co-presenter of the Sou...click for more

    Kate Garraway
  17. Balvinder Sidhu (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Balvinder Sidhu was raised in Smethwick in the West Midlands into a family of five girls before moving to Nottingham to study a degree in Psychology. During her time as a university ...click for more

    Balvinder Sidhu
  18. Rebecca Wood (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Rebecca Wood has always wanted to work in the media particularly as a weather presenter, and after completing an degree at Queen Mary's in London, came home to do a Masters degree in ...click for more

  19. Nicki Chapman (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Nicki Chapman rose to fame as a judge on the ITV television series Popstars and Pop Idol, together with Nigel Lythgoe and Paul Adam (on Popstars), Simon Cowell, Pete Waterman and Dr F...click for more

    Nicki Chapman
  20. Ellie Taylor (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Ellie Taylor is an English comedian. She has presented Snog Marry Avoid? on BBC Three, appeared on the ITV2 show Fake Reaction and the ITV reality show "Show Me the Funny". Ellie T...click for more

    Ellie Taylor
  21. Sarah Beeny (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Sarah Beeny is a renowned property expert, businesswoman and TV presenter, well-known for fronting Channel 4's Double Your House for Half the Money, Help! My House is Falling Down, Re...click for more

    Sarah Beeny
  22. Sophie Raworth (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Sophie Raworth joined the BBC in 1992 as a news reporter, first for Greater Manchester Radio and then as BBC Regions correspondent in Brussels in April 1994. In May 1995, she became t...click for more

    Sophie Raworth
  23. Katy Rickitt (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Katy Rickitt is a news correspondent for Good Morning Britain and has worked for ITV since 2008. Throughout her career Katy Rickitt has strived to humanise the headlines, with an ins...click for more

    Katy Rickitt
  24. Emma Willis (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Emma WIllis was born and raised in Birmingham and on leaving school worked as a model, appearing in campaigns for Gap, Chanel and Samsung amongst others before joining MTV as a presen...click for more

    Emma Willis
  25. Suzanne Virdee (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Suzanne Virdee became a journalist at the age of 18, working as a trainee reporter at the Solihull Times in her home town. Suzanne Virdee passed her journalism exams and switched to t...click for more

    Suzanne Virdee
  26. Mary Rhodes (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Before coming to News 24 Mary Rhodes was a freelancer, working across the BBC's Radio stations. Her favourite sport is tennis and her break in sports reporting/presenting came when sh...click for more

    Mary Rhodes
  27. Lucy Worsley (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      In 2011 Lucy Worsley presented the four-part television series If Walls Could Talk exploring the history of British homes, from peasants' cottages to palaces; and the three-part serie...click for more

    Lucy Worsley
  28. Laura Tobin (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      On graduation from University in 2003, Laura Tobin joined the Met Office. On completing her training, she was assigned in October 2004 to the Cardiff Weather Centre, where she gained ...click for more

    Laura Tobin
  29. Sarah-Jane Mee (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      After graduating from Manchester University, Sarah-Jane Mee joined Sky Sports as a runner, then moved to the planning desk before becoming a producer. In October 2002 Sarah-Jane Me...click for more

    Sarah-Jane Mee
  30. Penny Smith (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Penny Smith began her career as a reporter and feature writer on the Peterborough Evening Telegraph in 1977. After four years, she left to backpack through Central and South America a...click for more

    Penny Smith
  31. Natalie Sawyer (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Natalie Sawyer was born to an English father, and a mother of Bulgarian descent. Natalie Sawyer graduated from Leeds Trinity University with a degree in History and Media. This also i...click for more

    Natalie Sawyer
  32. Emma Crosby (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      After graduation Emma Crosby joined the BBC becoming a producer on its rolling news channel, BBC News 24. Moving on from there, she worked for News Direct 97.3 and LBC before joining ...click for more

    Emma Crosby
  33. Sally Nugent (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Born on the Wirral Peninsula Sally Nugent was educated at Upton Hall School FCJ. She then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication arts and French from the University of Hud...click for more

    Sally Nugent
  34. Gabby Logan (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Dedicated and professional with a fantastic sense of humour, Gabby Logan is one of the UK's leading broadcasters. A former international gymnast, Gabby Logan began her broadcasting ca...click for more

    Gabby Logan
  35. Ranvir Singh (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Ranvir Singh joined BBC Radio Lancashire in 2002, initially on work experience before being given a six-month contract. She then moved to BBC GMR, covering the 2002 Commonwealth Games...click for more

    Ranvir Singh
  36. Louisa James (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      Louisa James is an English journalist and newsreader employed by ITV Breakfast, on the Good Morning Britain and Lorraine programmes. Louisa James began her journalism career with t...click for more

    Louisa James
  37. Samantha Simmonds (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 5.00)

      After completing a degree in History and Communication Studies, Samantha Simmonds secured a place on the prestigious postgraduate course in Broadcast Journalism at City University. S...click for more

    Samantha Simmonds
  38. Isobel Lang (Votes: 3, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Isobel Lang grew up in Sussex and Hertfordshire. She graduated with a BSc degree in mathematics in 1991 from the University of Exeter, before joining the Met Office in 1991 where she ...click for more

    Isobel Lang
  39. Alice Levine (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 4.00)

      On 7 January 2013, Alice Levine joined BBC Radio 1 to present a show with Phil Taggart. The show aired from 10pm until midnight on Mondays to Thursdays. She also presents the weekend ...click for more

    Alice Levine
  40. Isabel Webster (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Since March last year Isabel Webster has had the pleasure of co-hosting Sunrise on Sky News every day from 6-9am with the best live TV presenter in the country, Eamonn Holmes. Althoug...click for more

    Isabel Webster
  41. Susanna Reid (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Susanna Reid began her career at BBC Radio Bristol and then became a reporter for Radio 5 Live, as well as a producer. Susanna Reid then joined BBC News 24, where she spent two years ...click for more

    Susanna Reid
  42. Charlie Webster (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Charlie Webster moved to Spain as a TV presenter for Real Madrid TV interviewing the Galactico team and presenting football. In 2006, she moved to Asia to join ESPN where she presente...click for more

    Charlie Webster
  43. Nicki Shields (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Nicki Shields is the host presenter and pit-lane reporter for the FIA Formula E Championship the new all electric racing championship on city street circuits round the world (think el...click for more

    Nicki Shields
  44. Babita Sharma (Votes: 1, Average Rating: 4.00)

      Babita Sharma is of Indian descent and grew up in Caversham, Berkshire. She attended the University of Wales and graduated with a degree in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting. After co...click for more

    Babita Sharma
  45. Julie Etchingham (Votes: 3, Average Rating: 3.67)

      Julie Etchingham was born and raised in Leicester, Leicestershire, where both her parents were teachers. She was raised as a Roman Catholic, and educated at the city's English Martyrs...click for more

    Julie Etchingham
  46. Shefali Oza (Votes: 3, Average Rating: 3.67)

      Shefali Oza is said to have been "discovered at an audition day" which had been organised by the BBC's Multi-Cultural Programmes Unit, who were actually in search of new faces for Net...click for more

    Shefali Oza
  47. Nina Hossain (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 3.50)

      Nina Hossain presents ITV News London with the capital's main stories of the day. She conducts exclusive interviews with high-profile figures and celebrities. In addition, Nina Hossai...click for more

    Nina Hossain
  48. Sameena Ali-Khan (Votes: 3, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Sameena Ali-Khan began working in commercial radio in Manchester in 1991 and got my first break working for BBC Radio Lancashire as a travel reporter. I then moved into presenting sho...click for more

    Sameena Ali-Khan
  49. Martine Croxall (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Martine Croxall attended the independent Bablake School in Coventry. Martine then studied Geography at the University of Leeds, gaining her BA in 1990, following this with a year out ...click for more

    Martine Croxall
  50. Felicity Barr (Votes: 2, Average Rating: 3.00)

      Radio Felicity Barr trained as a journalist at 2-Ten FM, before she specialised in sports reporting, covering events in sport since 1994 when she worked as a freelance journalist. Tel...click for more

    Felicity Barr