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Luxmy Gopal is an English journalist and famous TV personality. She has been a reporter and news presenter of the program ‘The North Leeds’ for BBC. She likes to travel and is passionate about exploring new places and cultures. She has visited many countries including Italy, Cuba, South Africa, and Spain. She can speak German and English fluently and knows a little French as well.

Luxmy Gopal went to Africa in 2019 on a Safari trip through Kenya and Tanzania, fulfilling one of her childhood dreams. There, she saw the vast wildlife of Africa and witnessed the pride of lions. Sometimes, she is seen do-sitting her family’s German Shepherd dogs.

In the early days of her career, Luxmy Gopal used to work on Sundays for Evening Standard, and Camberley News and Mails from 2010 to 2011. She led interviews, reported from courts, and published articles during this period.

Luxmy Gopal also served as editor for Arts London News in May 2011. From August 2011 to December 2011, she worked with Exaro News as an investigative journalist. There, she worked on the stories on the conflict of interest of the British Parliament members. She started her journey with BBC in September 2011 as a broadcasting journalist and went on to grow further in her career with BBC. She has been a TV reporter and video journalist for BBC since 2016.


Virologist Dr Lindsay Broadbent from @QUBelfast on how effective vaccines are likely to be against the new Omicron variant:

NEW: Two cases the new Omicron variant of Covid19 have been discovered in the UK. The government says the two cases are linked. More on @BBCNews next.

"I can promise you other countries, when they pick up a new variant, they're going to be very careful before they announce it, looking at what happened to us"

Strong words from Dr Angelique Coetzee from the South African @SAMedicalAssoc reacting to travel bans. #Omicron

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