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Ali Fortescue covers a range of national and international news stories for the news channel. She has broken exclusives, and was the first correspondent to witness a migrant boat crossing the channel.

Before joining Sky, Ali Fortescue was a reporter at the BBC in the north of England.

Ali Fortescue has won multiple awards, including an O2 award, and was commended at the Royal Television Society for her “astonishing journalism” uncovering abuse at a care home in Margate.


This is the building in Calais where investigations are ongoing into the channel crossing deaths. Two survivors - an Iraqi and a Somalian - are being questioned here, we just met the Kurdish translator outside we believe was working with them.

Tonight I have written to President Macron offering to move further and faster to prevent Channel crossings and avoid a repeat of yesterday’s appalling tragedy which claimed the lives of at least 27 people.


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